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  • !!!wichtig!!!!

    Habe gerade folgendes in einem Board gelesen, denke mal es wird ein paar Scanner interssieren:

    For all those involved in scanning,tagging,filling etc,etc,etc ,just lifted this off another board -
    The IP listed below is a fake front end portal of a security network filtering hundreds of client subscription IPs. If you find a vulnerable pub, IIS, SQL, or *nix -- LEAVE IT ALONE.

    AVOID THIS RANGE: 139.142.*

    WARNING: Replicon's security team is working close with federal/state and corporate law enforcement. They will let you scan, tag, fill, or overtake the entire system. But you really have no control. They are monitoring you, accepting your every move while they profile you. Your dumbass is on Candid Camera. (The *nix box that you 'overtake' is actually a guided security emulator that runs on NT...) Let 'em record you ploppin' the newest, unrealeased version of Photoshop, Windows, Lightwave. Max, Maya, Cosmo, or others and you (as well as everyone else involved in the operation - from Scanner to Downloader) will be 'profiled' for a very unhappy future....

    Please be sure to pass it on.