Tony Hawks Underground 3 = Tony Hawks American Wasteland

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  • Tony Hawks Underground 3 = Tony Hawks American Wasteland

    Na seht mal was ich gefunden habe:


    1. Thursday, May 12
    2. THAW Confirmed for Xbox360
    3. Thursday, May 12, 20:08 | slateman
    4. The Xbox360 'unveiling' happened tonight on MTV. If you missed it, there was very little actually revealed about the new console, but MTV will surely replay it a few dozen times.
    5. In any event, there was about 2 seconds of THAW footage that could be seen, which equates to the first actual confirmation of the new game on a new platform. Of course we fully expect a PS2/Xbox/GC version as well as potentially a PSP and PC version. Maybe GBA, maybe DS..
    6. More from E3 next week.
    7. Read the news above for the few details we know.

    Das heisst es wird 2006 ein neues tony hawk geben mit dem Titel:

    und zwar auch für PC
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