Def Jam: Fight for NY

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  • Def Jam: Fight for NY

    Diverse Cheats:

    Im Cheat Menü eingeben:

    DUCKETS - 100 Punkte
    CROOKLYN - 100 Punkte
    THESOURCE - 100 Punkte
    GETSTUFF - 100 Punkte
    NEWJACK - 100 Punkte

    Songs freischalten

    Im Cheat Menü eingeben:

    LOYALTY - Afterhours - Nyne
    MILITAIN - Anything Goes - CNN
    BIGBOI - Bust - Outkast
    CHOPPER - Chopshop - Baxter
    CHOCOCITY - Comp - Comp
    AKIRA - Dragon House - Chiang
    PLATINUMB - Get it Now - Bless
    GHOSTSHELL - Koto - Chiang
    GONBETRUBL - Lil' Bro - Ric-o-che
    KIRKJONES - Man Up - Sticky Fingaz
    RESPECT - Move - Public Enemy
    POWER - Original Gangster - Ice T
    ULTRAMAG - Poppa Large - Ultramagnetic MCs
    SIEZE - Sieze the day - Bless
    CARTAGENA - Take a look at my life - Fat Joe
    PUMP - Walk with Me - Joe Budden

    Tipps und Tricks

    Orte freischalten

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    Cloud Strife :)

    Cloud Strife aus FF7:

    Augen:blau type:egal
    Haar:spiky blond
    Voice:clean cut
    Blazin:your choice

    Top: Dark blue,short muscle shirt
    Bottoms:Blue pressed dress pants
    Schuhe:Brown tall hiking boots