Grandia 2

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  • Alternate game:
    Successfully complete the game once, then play again.
    New items will appear in various locations.
    Hint: Book Of War:
    To get the Book Of War, win the Walnut game six times.
    When you return from the game, they will give you the Book Of

    Hint: Great items:
    When you get to Roan's hometown, go to the sailor's
    house. When you play arm wrestling and win, he will give you information.
    Then with Millenia, play again and he will have great items. Win
    to get them.

    Hint: Special stage:
    To get to the special stage, when you get Roan (King
    Roan) to be part of your team, exit the Palace. When you get out,
    there are two places to go to, Raul Hills and the King Roan's
    palace place in the south. Go to Raul Hills. When you arrive,
    "Special Stage" will appear. You can train yourself
    until you are ready to leave.

    Hint: Double MC, SC, and EXP:
    Go to Raul Hills and go upwards to a place where there
    are ruins. Beware of the big flying monsters -- once you fight
    them they will use "BA-BOOM" as their attack and defeat
    you easily. Use one of your Cancel movements. Once you defeat
    the monster, find those items and you will get a "Dragon
    Egg" on tallest building you see the up arrow point. Dragon
    Egg is special -- it only does attacks and no defense.
    Have Milliena use the Dragon Egg as it suits her very well.