O&O Defrag neue Version > 8.6 build 2294

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  • O&O Defrag neue Version > 8.6 build 2294

    Hallo leute

    es ist ein update für O&O Defrag Professional raus gekommen > 8.6 build 2294

    geändert wurde vor allem die Geschwindigkeit und Vista Unterstützung.


    * Online and Offline defragmentation of all volumes supported by Windows including RAID systems
    * Five different defragmentation methods for optimal speed increase.
    * A lot less free space needed for defragmentation (only about 5% or less, depending on the size of the volume)
    * Unique O&O ActivityGuard to monitor the system load and adjust the resource usage of O&O Defrag
    * Unique cluster viewer for detailed information on the state of the volumes.
    * Many volumes can be viewed at the same time in the cluster view
    * Task pane to easily run tasks the way XP does
    * O&O TrueRemoteControl – Control a computer as if you were sitting right in front of it without any limitations or performance loss
    * Power management for Notebooks
    * O&O ClusterInspector to check hard drive zones.
    * Automatic defragmentation with integrated heuristic evaluation for optimal planning
    * O&O Defrag management through the tasktray
    * DefragWizard for automatic defragmentation in just one click (OneButtonDefrag™)
    * Status reports in HTML format to keep track of your performance changes
    * Windows Explorer Integration – Disk drive defragmentation in Windows Explorer
    * Simplified operation of the boot-time defragmentation
    * Support of removable drives (USB Sticks, Memory Cards, etc.)
    * Improved functionality of the Tasktray icon
    * Execution of Windows commands (Batches) before and after defragmentation
    * Screen saver mode automates defragmentation whenever the computer is idle
    * Compatible with the new Windows Vista operating system from Microsoft