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  • Breath Of Fire 3

    So hier Strategien wie ihr Die Bosse im Spiel am besten besiegen könnt und was man klauen kann. Englisch Kenntnisse sind voraussetzung:

    This whole guide will follow this format:
    Boss: Name of the boss
    Party: Party members recommended and formation.
    Strategy: Ways to fight the boss.
    Steal: What you can steal from the Boss (If anything)

    Boss: Nue
    Party: Ryu Rei Teepo (the only three you have)
    Strategy: Use attack formation, put Rei in the front. Have all three characters
    Don't use items unless you are near dead, because after some damage, Nue will
    run off.
    Steal: Power Food

    Boss: Nue (Second Time)
    Party: Ryu Rei Teepo
    Strategy: Use attack formation again. But this time, Nue is stronger. Ryu
    should cast protect on Rei then himself followed by Teepo. Use your strongest
    attack and magic.
    Be sure to beat this boss quickly, because if not, Nue will use Jolt, which does
    a lot damage on the whole party.
    Steal: Power Food

    Boss: Spike (dog)
    Party: Ryu Rei Teepo
    Strategy: Just attack, after several rounds it will be defeated. (Learn
    Snap from it.)

    Boss: Rocky
    Party: Ryu Rei Teepo
    Strategy: This is a tough boss, because it will change your party members into
    eggs. And once you become an egg, it is very easy to be killed. So use items to
    heal often. Have all three-characters attack again and it will be
    defeated. (Learn Jump from it.)
    Steal: Life Shard (not sure)

    Boss: Ghost 1~4
    Party: Ryu Teepo
    Strategy: Just use attacks, don't use magic. Heal when necessary.

    Boss: Ghost combined (forget the name)
    Party: Rei Ryu Teepo
    Strategy: Use attack formation, have Rei in the front. Have Ryu use protect
    on each member, the use snap to lower its defense. While other two attacks,
    heal often, after a period of tough fight, the Ghost will go down, lucky it
    don't have much HP.

    Boss: Mutant
    Party: Ryu Nina Momo
    Strategy: This is a tough boss because it will regenerate 250 HP every round
    and it can do huge damage. Use attack formation and put Ryu in the front.
    First have Ryu cast protect on everyone then become a Flame-based dragon. Then
    use flame claw.
    Momo should just attack. And have Nina be the healer.

    Claw V.S. Momo
    Have Momo use protect and then fight. Heal with items. If she goes down, have
    Ryu do the same trick. If you hit the guy stand in fire holding Claw, that guy
    will attack Claw and some times heal Momo.

    Cawer V.S. Momo/Ryu
    You will still have the protect from the first battle so just attack.

    The party leader (forget name) V.S. Momo/Ryu
    Attack again but be sure to heal when your HP is lower than half of your Max

    Boss: Emitai and the Golems
    Party: Ryu Nina Momo
    Strategy: Correction here, when you are in battle, have Ryu cast Protect 3
    times on each member. Momo should attack Emitai and Nina heal. Once Emitai
    is gone, the two Golems will starts to fight each other, and the battle is
    much easier.(Thanks to Cnsoplis for telling me this.)

    Garr V.S. Ryu
    Have Ryu cast protect first then change to Flame-Defender dragon and
    attack. After a few round Garr will use lucky strike to take you down.

    Boss: Stallion
    Party: Garr Ryu Momo
    Strategy: Use attack formation and have Garr in the head. Make Ryu become a
    Flame-Defender dragon and let Momo cast protect. (Don't let Ryu cast shield
    because you want to save his AP because this is going to be a long battle.)
    Have Garr attack. After Stallion does his classic Ultra attack, (If you
    know who Ultraman is) be sure to heal. After a while this boss will go

    Boss: Zig
    Party: Who ever
    Strategy: Defend until Zig waves his hand, then you can heal Beyd. And let
    Beyd attack Zig. It is a dual after all.

    Boss: Gazer
    Party: Ryu Garr Peco
    Strategy: Use attack formation and put Ryu in the head. First have Ryu cast
    Then change to a dragon if you have any AP. Garr and Peco should
    just attack. Be sure to heal when Gazer does his eye beam.

    Boss: Dolphin
    Party: Ryu Nina Momo
    Strategy: Use attack formation put Ryu in the head. Let Momo cast protect
    on each member. Then cast speed on each member (If Momo is level 19 she will
    have speed) Ryu should become a Thunder-Defender-Eldritch dragon. And use
    Tsunami. Let Nina be the healer.

    Boss: Old man and the two Monsters.
    Party: Peco Ryu Nina
    Strategy: Use attack formation. Put Peco in the head and let him equip the Ring
    of Fire.
    Have Ryu cast shield then become a Frost-Defender dragon. Then use frost
    Have Nina use ice based spells and Peco should attack. When you kill the two
    monsters, go for the old man.

    Garr V.S. Ryu
    Have Ryu cast protect first, then change to Flame-Defender dragon and
    attack. Just knock Garr a few round and Garr will go down. (Thanks Cnsoplis
    again for telling me this.)

    This is basically the boss you will meet in Ryu's child form.


    Here starts the boss Ryu will face when he is an adult. It is only a few
    because I didn't finish the game yet.

    Boss: Dragon Zombie
    Party: Ryu and Garr
    Strategy: Wait and heal up until D. Zombie is out of AP. Don't try to heal
    the poison, because it will poison you again. When D. Zombie is out of AP. Or,
    you can
    use the easy way--cast Restore on the Dragon Zombie and it will go down very

    Boss: Weretiger (Rei)
    Party: Ryu and Garr
    Strategy: Just attack and Weretiger will run off.

    Boss: Midba
    Party: Ryu Garr Rei
    Strategy: Use defender formation and put Ryu and Garr in the head. First
    Ryu should cast shield. Have Garr use items to revive Rei. In the next turn
    have Rei heal himself and he will become the Weretiger. Have Ryu then cast
    protect on Rei, and Garr heal.
    In this battle Ryu and Garr should both be the healers. Let Rei be the only one
    attacking Midba,
    because Rei some times will hit your party members.
    Steal: Silver Mail

    Boss: Huge slug
    Party: Peco Momo Ryu
    Strategy: Use attack formation and Peco in the head. Ryu should use Force
    Gene and use Aura until you run out AP. Have Momo cast might on Peco and let
    Peco attack.

    Boss: Plant Director (Palet)
    Party: Peco Momo Ryu
    Strategy: Use attack formation and put Peco in the head. Have Ryu become a
    Flame-Force dragon.
    Then use Aura until you run out of AP. Have Momo cast might on everyone then
    As for Peco, just let him attack. This is a tough boss. Don't try to revive a
    party member if he is dead.
    It is ether you win or you die. (It took me 4 time to beat this boss) As soon
    as he starts using Blitz,
    attack him. He is almost dead.

    Geist V.S. Ryu
    Have Ryu cast protect and barrier on himself. Then become a Force-
    Defender-Frost dragon. Use Frost Breath twice to take out the two torches.
    Then use Aura two times. After that attack him with Frost Claw.

    Boss: Angler
    Party: Peco Ryu Garr
    Strategy: All three characters attack, and let Ryu be the healer. You
    shouldn't have that much trouble to kill this fish.

    Boss: Ammonites
    Party: Peco Ryu Rei
    Strategy: Let Rei be the healer because he is fast, and let Peco attack.
    While Ryu casts Shield and barrier on all party, the let him become a Frost-
    Force dragon, and use Aura. Be sure not to put Ryu in the first row so he has
    less chance to be confused.
    Steal: Life Shard

    Boss: Jono
    Party: Peco Ryu Momo
    Strategy: Since you can't cast dragon spells in this battle, be sure to cast
    protect 5 times, I'm not kidding, then cast Barrier on each one twice. And
    have Momo cast speed on Ryu so he is faster then Jono, after that, have
    Momo cast might on everyone twice. Peco should just attack. And having the
    Ring of Fire really helps in here.
    Jono has lots of HP but if you stay healthy, and fight hard, you will win.

    Boss: Mammoth
    Party: Peco/Garr Ryu Rei
    Strategy: Ok, I know you just got the Infinity dragon Gene, and you want to
    try it on this boss. But don't, Infinity is not as good as it sounds.
    Just have Ryu cast shield and barrier. Then change to a Force dragon and
    use Aura to knock this boss for 4~5 time and it will die.
    Steal: Power Food

    Boss: Chimera
    Party: Ryu Peco Rei
    Strategy: To fight this boss, you have to remember one thing: Don't let it
    paralyze you, cure it right way. And this boss only does physical attacks,
    so you don't need to cast barrier. Just cast shield 2 times and become a Force
    dragon and use Aura.
    (No boss except Myria can hold Aura for 6 times, even Teepo will die after 6

    Boss: Teepo (Arwan)
    Since you only have Ryu this is a tough battle. But you shouldn't have too much
    of a hard time if you equip a Dream Ring.
    Just remember to heal yourself when HP gets low. But save your AP for the
    upcoming real battle.

    Boss: Teepo (D. Lord)
    Party: Rei Momo Ryu
    Strategy: Teepo has about 10,000 HP, but don't worry. Have Ryu cast shield,
    then use Force gene and use Aura about 6 times and it will die. (Teepo may be
    faster than you, and maybe he will kill one of you characters in the first
    round, don't try to revive that character, but instead, raise defense of the
    other two, then go back to revive that character. You can steal a Dragon
    Sword from Teepo, but it is not necessary since the Royal Sword is better.)
    Steal: Dragon Sword

    Boss: Sample 10, 11 & 12
    Party: Ryu Momo Rei
    Strategy: Have Rei steal a life shard from each of the bosses, while Momo
    casts Might, and Ryu casts barrier on each. Having the Elemental Ring really
    helps here.
    Attack the Ice cast one first, then the Thunder cast one, and finally the Red
    (If Ryu become a flame-ice-thunder dragon to fight this battle, he will not be

    Boss: Myria
    Party: The best you have
    Strategy: Myria has 15000~20000 HP and has a lot of harmful spells, have all
    three characters equip Protector, a helmet you can buy in the Faerie Village.
    This will reduce the chance of status change. Also make sure that you have at
    least one character
    faster than Myria, Myria can dispel your assist spells so cast shield often.
    When Myria starts
    casting Holocaust turn Ryu into a Force dragon and uses Aura, you might also
    want to use a Wisdom Fruit
    on Ryu since Aura takes 20 AP each.

    Note: The best fishing rod I found so far is found in steel grave, go down
    stairs and have Momo blow the door away. Get in and you will see a chest,
    inside you will find it.
    The rod I purchased in Faerie Village is also good but it is too hard to
    control when fishing.
    And if you are in a clear game, go to the house where Bow is fishing. Bow will
    give the best fishing
    rod in the game if you obtain the level of "Master of angling + +." (I haven't
    done it yet, but my friend got it.)

    One thing I found out about Force Armor: If in a battle, and the enemy casts
    Depress on you, instead of losing AP, you gain AP.

    I also heard a rumor that if you do not talk to the forth women before you
    fight Myria, Myria will not cast either Holocaust or Venom.

    At last I should thank CAPCOM who made such wonderful game, and Sony for
    making the kick ass PlayStation system. And Ma who encourage me to write